Volker Kromm and Tanner Harris treated us to an excellent breakfast at the Regional Food Distribution Centre (RFDA)
 They also let us know some of the things that are happening at the RFDA
Tanner Harris recently joined the RFDA as Head Chef.  Since accepting this role in November 2019 he has worked with numerous volunteers, teaching them new ways of food preparation.  For example, the RFDA has recently been experimenting with ways they can accept and use perishable food, repurposing it in a safe manner.  The kitchen is large; other organizations often come to the RFDA to use the facilities to prepare food to be taken back to their organization.  They also rent out the kitchen to start-ups or caterers, who do not have sufficient room or lack specific equipment necessary to fulfill their orders.  They can also rent out temporary space in their fridges or freezers.   The RFDA is looking at waste management.   A tomato may have a spot on it that makes it unsaleable, yet the rest of the tomato is good.  The good parts are used in food preparation, while the bad parts can be composted.  Although it is early days, the RFDA is looking into the possibility of have an industrial composter.  Of course there are regulations that have to be investigated,  Maybe there are other organizations that they can partner with.  What is interesting is variety of food types that can be composted, even cardboard!... and the resulting product from this process is soil.  A composting program will allow the RFDA to come full circle in the food cycle.  The RFDA helps communities with their food needs throughout North Western Ontario.  Not only do they provide a food distribution centre, but they teach communities to grow their own food, and they teach them how to prepare the food.  Perhaps, at some future date, they may even provide the soil.