It was a pleasant -7C this morning, Thursday,January, 30/20. Twenty-one Lakehead Rotary members attended as well as Al the Sherpa. Our guest speaker from the United Way, Albert Brule was present.
President-Elect Sandy opened the meeting at 7:30am in President Clifford's absence.
Paul offered prayer and reflection this morning. Paul showed us a picture that was created after WW1. It depicts a man sitting at at table, hands clenched, head bowed. On the table there are few items. Some may view the picture as one of despair and sadness. Others see a grateful man, with life and gratefulness. What do you see? A glass half empty or a glass half full !! Thank you Paul.
On the door this morning was Mo! Thank you for greeting us this morning with your friendly smile! You too can have a chance to be a friendly greeter. Please consider signing up for a month of club service.
See the schedule for available times.
Sponsorship this month was Ken Boscoff. Thank you Ken. You too can help support your club by a Sponsorship for a month to promote your business. See the Sponsorship Schedule for available times.
The Social Committee reports a successful snowshoe outing to Kamview following with food, drinks and fellowship at the Neebing Roadhouse. A good time was had by those attending.
Upcoming Webinar-Summit Conference- for those who can't travel to Duluth to attend. Saturday, February 1/20 in the Georgian Room, 63 Carrie Street starting at 11:00 am.
Spirit of Thunder Bay- February 7/20  Any donations for the Silent Auction or Toonie Auction please give to Carol. Thank you.
Fort William Rotary will be hosting the upcoming Rotary Anniversary Gala. It will be held on Saturday February 22 2020 at the DaVinci Centre, Marco Polo Room from 5:30pm-10:00pm.
Tickets are $45.00 and can be purchased from Clint or at the door.
Georgina would like to share some important information with all club members, we have $500 to go to reach our clubs goal for President Clifford's year! Paul Harris members are allowed to share points . Let's work on helping everyone in Lakehead Rotary to become a Paul Harris. See Georgina if you would like more information.
The MS Society is hosting another Passport fundraiser. Lori Martineau has agreed to pay for a table for $850. She's asking if there are club members willing to go and help fill the table for a small price of $40! The regular full price tickets are $90. The event is being held on March 7/20 at 6:00pm here at the Valhalla Inn. Let Lori know if you're interested.
Fine Master Volker was in "FINE" form today! He collected coins from members who hadn't volunteered for our guest speaker Albert Brule's organization, the United Way.
Gail B. had a fun time snowshoeing at our social!
Sandy was very happy that the MS carnations were going to the RFDA for safe keeping, thank you Volker.
Wayne was happy to be returning to Ganna for a while. He's sad to be missing the Spirit event. Wayne is aslo downsizing and putting his custom built home on Lake Superior (Margret Street) for sale!
Allan was happy for the United Way presentation. He was very happy for Maya's update from the Netherlands!
Lori is happy to be feeding The Shelter House on February 25 A&W Fast Food.
Carol was happy for her enjoyment and fun with her Girl Guides.
Audrey was happy for snowshoeing.
Paul and Karl announced that they are needing 2000 Paul Harris points to help 2 people from Grace Place achieve a PH. If you would like to donate your points towards the cause it would be greatly appreciated.
Volker was sad he missed the snowshoeing because he was busy writing policies on nutrition!
Winner of the 50/50 Draw was Lori Martineau! Thank you Lori for your donation back to The Foundation!