Kerry Wirkkunen grew up on the west coast and moved to Thunder Bay to go to school.  While studying diligently, she met the man who would become her husband, and has grown permanent roots in our community.  She has studied both Business Marketing and travel & Tourism.
Kerry current works for CAA North & East Ontario.  CAA was first established in Canada in 1903.  It is a not-for-profit member-based organization with over 6 million members across Canada. Emergency Road Services were added in 1930.  CAA is much more than Roadside Assistance; did you know?  
1. Roadside Assistance - Did you know Roadside Assistance covers you no matter what vehicle you are in?  Whether you need a battery boost, flat tire replacement, fuel delivery, car lockout service, or travel and accident assistance.  They will even drive you and your vehicle home once each year (similar to Operation Red Nose).  You can even get bicycle assist in Ontario.
2.  Rewards Program - Did you know that you can get discounts on purchases or extra services from participating merchants as part of the Rewards Program?  Did you know you can collect CAA points when you make purchases at these merchants?
3.  CAA Insurance - Did you know you could purchase insurance from CAA.  This includes home, auto, travel, health & dental and life insurance.
4.  CAA Travel - Did you know you can still get trip kits from CAA?  Next time you go on a road trip, go into the local branch to see how they can help.
5.  CAA Plus Membership - Did you know that the CAA Plus membership covers service calls for up to 200 km of towing distance?  Or you can take a ride home up to 25 km?  Or that you can get coverage for motorcycles and bicycles as well as vehicles?
6.  CAA Premier Membership - Did you know with the Premier Membership your towing distance could be increased to 320 km?  and if you break down away from home, your expenses can be covered up to $600 per day.
7.  CAA Travel - CAA provides travel assistance through qualified Travel Consultants.  There are special trip packages, such as the Solo Travel Club where you don't pay the single supplement.  CAA also provides travel talks, where you can learn about trips you may be interested in booking.  Coming soon:  AMA Waterways - Mar. 24/20;  Rocky Mountaineer - Apr. 7/20; Viking River Cruises - May 7/20
To learn more, click on this link to go to the CAA North and East Ontario website.