Our guest speaker for our meeting on January 30, 2020 was Albert Brule, the CEO of United Way Thunder Bay.  We have always known the United Way as an umbrella fundraising organization, but what do we know about the impact the United Way has on our community.  Albert introduced us to the new 2020 Campaign - #UNIGNORABLE.  The goal of the campaign is to eliminate poverty in Thunder Bay.  This may sound like an ambitious goal, but every small win moves us closer to that goal.
#UNIGNORABLE will address hunger, domestic violence, homelessness and education inequality.  We need to raise awareness, start the conversation and take action.  Working collaboratively with other community organizations, the United Way will strive to "address the root causes of poverty; alleviate the debilitating effects of poverty on the most vulnerable people; focus attention on building an inclusive and connected community; and support children and youth to succeed.  Together we can make great things happen.