Our guest speaker today was our very own Maya Fillion, daughter of Rotarian Allan Kozlo.  Maya travelled to Japan and South Korea this summer as part of her studies at Queen's University.  Working as part of the marketing team with Education First, Maya helped encourage Japanese students to attend international English-speaking schools.  Maya met people from all over the world during this internship in Tokyo
Of course, Maya's adventure wasn't all work.  Her adventures led her to Nara, Japan, a religious site where she was able to view the Great Buddha Hall and pet the sacred deer.  Cleanliness was important here, with a ritual hand washing required to show respect before entering.  While Japan is known for its high tech, fast pace atmosphere, Maya was able to venture out to the lush countryside.  Her cultural adventure in Kyota took her to the bamboo forest and the main street where it seemed like everyone was literally running to work in their black and white outfits.  Contrast this with Orange Street in Tokyo where the street is actually orange.  Tasting the various foods in the area was another adventure.  Most foods are eaten raw and served with rice or noodles.  Vegetables are not common.  Maya learned to taste first and ask questions later.  
Maya was able to take a side tour to Seoul, South Korea.  Here she learned about the Korean war from a local perspective.  She visited the Joint Security Area and the Demilitarized Zone and was able to look over into North Korea.
Maya will be spending a few weeks at home in Thunder Bay before travelling to The Netherlands where she will spend her next semester.